Supercell Says Emotes Are Here To Stay

Supercell Won't Remove Emote Spam

I play Clash Royale every single day. When I’m away from home, it’s my game of choice. In fact, some days when I have huge downtime or I’m traveling, I could spend a couple of hours playing. While I’m not very good (I constantly float between 1300 and 1900 trophies), I still love to play the game. What I hate though are the emote spammers.

I’ll be playing a game and lose by one single goblin spear. That’s a fraction of a second loss. I’ll emote the “Good game well played” and my opponent will spam me with tears and laughs and rage faces and more tears. WTF? Another game will go by and I’ll be obliterated—crushed, destroyed, no chance of victory—and I’ll say nothing or GG the opponent and they’ll once again spam me with emotes.

Players like me feel this is disruptive to a friendly and competitive environment, but Supercell says the emote spam is here to stay.

The same principle – evoking strong emotions – is at the heart of why we’re not planning to implement a mute option. Emotes are loved by some and hated by others – even within the Clash Royale team! We believe these strong emotions are integral to the core of the game.

Hey, I get it. Clash Royale makes me rage, shout for joy, etc. The game elicits emotions and they’ve done a FANTASTIC job. But being able to mute those emotes won’t stop those emotions. If they’re worried it would make the spammer’s experience less enjoyable then they wouldn’t have to let that person know I’ve muted them. What it probably boils down to is a realization their most of their players are emote spammers, and making a move against he majority isn’t in their best interest.

For now, I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with the spam.

People Don’t Want F2P? You don’t say…

I chuckled when I read this article on Gamasutra about developers moving away from the F2P model.

In measuring pricing model preference, we found that 82% percent of US audiences, and 87% of UK audiences preferred games with a one time fee. [source]

My chuckle came because I’ve been saying this for years and years. I chuckle because I see developers who were once champions of the F2P model touting these findings when they were once the biggest offenders in the proliferation of F2P into the western market.

The push away from “buy-to-play” (aka “one time fee” (sad we have to call it that)) toward F2P — or pay-to-win, whale-to-play, whatever — trashed this industry hard. It nearly (or did) ruin the MMORPG industry by wreaking havoc on studios at a time when they were already trying to combat (or embrace) themeparkism, and left us with almost a decade of garbage games.

I’ll maintain my same position here that I hope F2P finally goes away, but I’ll caution everyone to watch out for its replacement: Premium. The new coy way of pricing games is this idea that you can get the basic game for $60, or even free’ish, but have a lot of the game cleverly hidden behind psychologically acceptable pay walls. Hearthstone, for example, straddles this concept of being “Free” and “Premium” where you can certainly play for free… but can you TRULY “play” for free?

Players seem hesitant to latch onto free-to-play games for fear content and progress will be locked firmly behind pay walls.

So they stealthily market the idea of free-to-play as bad, while hiding the same payment model behind something that feels like, “Oh you don’t have to buy that. No, that’s just there as an offer. Don’t even pay attention to that. I mean, if you want to you can. You can totally play for a low entry price and then enhance your experience with our premium status. No biggie.”  If you fall for where this is leading, you deserve it. You should be just as afraid of “digital premium titles” as you are “free-to-play” ones.  It’s like DLC on steroids.

Let’s fast forward five years from now when the polls show people don’t like “premium titles” and what they’ve done to the gaming industry, and they would like to return to games where you buy the box and get the full game.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Tips

Graev KHUX

So apparently Graev is like a savant at Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (KHUx). He’ll downplay his awesomeness by saying he’s the worst player in his group (like a guild) but last I checked he’s in the top players (the above image is old) in the game. I started picking his brain for all kinds of tips and he schooled me on how to become great at KHUx.

Know Your Medal Types

I completely glossed over this earlier, but the medal types are Red (Strength), Blue (Magic), and Green (Speed). Red beats green, green beats blue, and blue beats red. Enemies will come in different varieties and can be countered more easily when using the appropriate medal type.


Level Up & Evolve Your Medals

Here’s something I didn’t really know much about, but apparently leveling medals is not only important — it’s imperative. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are used to level up medals corresponding to their color. Leveling up my Mickey Medal, I want to use Dewey medals. These get dragged into the Mickey Medal and combined into it (with some Munny) to create a stronger version of the medal. Once max level, the medal can evolve using special medals like the Three Fairies — also conveniently color coded for the 3 medal types.


Get the Daily Deal

When starting out, the Daily Deal (600 Jewels for 3 Medals) is really good. I received several 5 star with ability medals that have propelled me waaaay ahead. Considering how easily they flood you with gems early on, this can be a good way to spend them.


Unlock Bonuses on the Avatar Board

Definitely visit the Avatar Board and spend your Avatar Coins to get bonuses. Don’t worry about going for the cosmetic upgrades, unless you really want them. The bonuses are worth it because you’ll get more AP (used for running missions), more HP, and more Keyblade cost capacity.

Play Lots During the Grand Opening Celebration

All month long the AP cost for all quests is HALVED. That means you’ll be able to do twice as many missions before having to stop and wait for AP to recharge. Yes, this is a gimmick to get you to spend money to regen your AP. It’s a common mobile game tool to limit how much you play in order to get you to pay to play more. But when you unlock the Avatar Board bonuses and play during this event you’ll be grateful you didn’t wait — especially for those special evolve mission rewards.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X released in North America this past week for iOS and Android. Unchained X reveals the origins of Kingdom Hearts, taking place before any of the other games in the series. Unchained X’s story will connect to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III game.

You are a Keyblade wielder — one of many — on a quest to rid the world of Darkness and fight with your Union over control of the remaining light.When you start the game you get to choose a Union. This Union is your faction of Keyblade wielders and each week your points are tallied to see which Union wins. There’s a neat multiplayer element to KH Unchained X where you get to fight raid bosses with members of your union, though it’s not truly playing with others in real time.

The presentation is in the form of a fairy tale. In the very beginning (while the game is downloading a good amount) you are presented a fairy tell in popup book format. Kairi’s Grandmother is telling her a favorite story from the past (the story you’re going to be playing) about how the whole thing got started.

KH Uchained X is free to play. The cash shop doesn’t appear to be too invasive. I’m not super far into the game by any means, but from what I can see it all appears to be cosmetic/”I want to be in the top 100 players” kind of stuff. It  doesn’t appear necessary for the story gameplay at all. Medals can be purchased with in-game currency in a form of random packs, and I feel like the game gives you plenty of in-game currency to avoid needing to spend money.

Gameplay happens in “quests” or missions. So far they seem pretty quick, taking no more than a couple of minutes to complete. These missions involve a main objective like killing a particular encounter. Combat is handled well. Tap the screen to attack, swipe to area attack, and drag medals off of your Keyblade to use abilities. Combat in general is somewhat turn-based. Each action you take rotates the medals in your Keyblade. When the enemy’s action comes around, they take a move. So you’re trying to utilize your actions knowing that the enemy’s action is likely to come around soon.

Customization is pretty good too. You’ll get to slot the medals you want, customize our character’s looks/outfit, and level things up with a bit of choice as to what you combine. Overall, a decent system. It’s like a mix of Days and CoM.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X comes across very well on mobile devices. The story telling methods they use work for both mobile and the KH narrative. There are plenty of familiar faces, lots of Disney which is great, and the feeling of Kingdom Hearts is all there. The price is right, and KHUx is one of the most ‘complete’ feeling mobile games I’ve played.

The Plight of 1200 Trophies in Clash Royale

clash-royaleClash Royale is my goto game whenever I have downtime. If I’m in line at Disneyland, I pull of CR. If I’m waiting for my car at the service center I pull out CR. If I’m in line for lunch I pull our CR. I play it all the time. That’s part of the appeal for me — CR can be continually played without any penalty and without being forced to wait 30 minutes for something to reset.

Despite playing for hours and hours, I’m struggling to advance. I’m stuck around 1200 trophies. Every time I come within a win of pushing past, I go on a losing streak. I’ve stopped tweaking my decks as much, but that’s not the issue anymore. The issue really is that regardless of what I use, I seem to hit the people who are higher level than me or wanting to counter me.

All things considered, I win as much as I lose. I hover around 1100, spike to 1200, drop to 100, and sit at 1100 fighting people who are level 6-7 with cards 1-2 levels above mine. When I fight someone with cards like mine at level 5 it’s not even a contest — I feel like I crush them.

A few tips I’m learning to use more in my matches:

  • If they’re not sending cards, you should probably not send cards unless you have lots of 4+ elixir cards in hand.
    • The trick is to counter when they play and push against their weakness.
  • Know when to hold your cards at bay while letting towers soak up some damage. Nothing is worse than dropping a card to counter the 3 flying minions when you realize your towers can take them no problem. You’re down 3-4 elixir and they’re already likely regenerated theirs.
  • Elixir advantage is king. You can’t win if you constantly starve yourself.


My current deck I use is mega aggresive with minor defensive counters. I’m also playing with another option but ultimately all of my problems seem to stem back to having no Baby Dragon or Skeleton army. The decks I want to build need those cards to push to later arenas.

I still haven’t spent a dime. I’m not going to, either. I’ll just keep playing until my cards are either leveled so much that I wreck people at my trophy levels or I simply get better. One has to happen eventually!