New EQ Progression Server (Phinigel) Coming December 9th

Phinigel Server

Daybreak is launching a NEW EverQuest Progression Server. That’s right, the rumors are true! And it’s better than I expected. Phinigel will be a “True Box” Progression Server. This means you only get ONE EverQuest account per computer, and if you want to multibox you’ll have to do it like we did back in 1999: Multiple computers.

There’s more! Large raid targets from each expansion will be INSTANCED in addition to their open-world versions with a 6.5 day lockout. Interesting. This actually seems… fair?

Content will unlock every 90 days. This means Classic – > 90 Days -> Kunark -> 90 Days -> Velious -> Luclin -> Etc. No vote drama on the player or developer side. This I can support.

I think I’ll play here. I hate that I already dumped so much time and money into Ragefire, but it’s EverQuest and I like starting over. It’s what I’ve been asking for, so I’ll try once again to see if this time we can have an actual server community that doesn’t hate each other for stealing mobs or not voting to unlock an expansion or not. A server without so many multiboxers means that content and groups will be much closer to the original experience. It really was a situation on Ragefire where a few ‘bad apples’ spoiled the bunch.

For now, this seems like a win for me. I appreciate their effort to appeal to someone like me. I’ll let you know if I uncover any nefarious details that change my mind.

So Many (Too many?) Games in November

November is just ridiculous. So many games came out and are still coming out on top of what was already a big October.

Fallout 4 came out and I have been experiencing that from a newb’s perspective. I’m taking it slow due to not having a ton of time to commit to playing, but loving the experience. I can see FO4 is easily going to take dozens of hours to do everything I want.

EverQuest has been a big lure for me these past two weeks. In these past two weeks I’ve gone from level 1 to 26 on my Monk on Ragefire, and I am having a blast. Planning to keep this going as long as my friends play. Check out our new little series below.

I’m also devoting a little bit more time to finishing up the last hour or two in Kingdom Hearts. Absolutely loved KH in my first ever play-through, and now I’m faced with having a bazillion more of them to get through before KH3. It’s a mountain I’ll enjoy climbing, but going to take some work to get through them.

Lastly, I’m still working through Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I will absolutely be writing up a full review on this one. My love for the AC franchise runs deep. Look for that to come in the next week or two.

Now… Star Wars Battlefront goes live in less that two hours. Yeah, ’nuff said.

What I haven’t even had time to acknowledge yet but have added to my Christmas List for friends and family to gift my way:

  • Legacy of the Void
  • Halo 5
  • LEGO Dimensions

How the heck am I supposed to play all of these games?! First world problems, but I haven’t had this predicament in a long, long time. Fantastic problem to have, though I do wish these companies would have come together and decided to space things out a bit.

Musing on the Dangers of WoW and EQ

I played both EverQuest and World of Warcraft today.  These two games have worlds which are quite disparate, but one key difference kept coming into focus: I’m not afraid of monsters or the worlds in most new(er) MMOs.

Modern MMOs do not readily create experiences that are dangerous to the point of making you think twice about going or doing something. In fact, games encourage players to give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happens really is the mantra. New MMOs will encourage you to scour every corner of the world, and in most cases protect you from dangers by giving you very clear indicators that the area you are about to enter could be tough (if they allow you in at all).

Older MMOs mixed danger right in like chocolate chips in pancake batter (can you guess what I had for dinner?). You wanted to explore. You felt like the world was tempting you to explore, but you knew that exploring really wasn’t in your best interest. You still tried, and were quickly reminded why you should hug zone walls.

While working on a quest chain in WoW today I died 3x due to some weird mechanic I didn’t pick up on. While frustrating, I ultimately brute forced my way through. I put into a situation in EQ where I almost died and it made the hair on my neck stand on end and my heart beat hastened. I was terrified and it caused me to decide not to go into this particular area to pull mobs.

In WoW I was blowing through 8 mobs at a time that were 2-3 levels above me. I was running through a group of elites to get to a quest objective I had to click on. I simply didn’t care about what was around me. Everything in the world was just in my way and I would ride my mount through and be on my way. In EQ, I’m terrified of what level mobs are and I’m always thinking about how close I am to anything.

I like both. Both work. Both provide a different experience. I tend to like the games that are a little more dynamic, though. I found that today I bored a quicker while playing WoW and opted for grouping in Kunark slaying Sarnaks in a fort.

Back in EverQuest on Ragefire. Again.

Iksar Monk on Ragefire

Despite having a really hard time with giving Daybreak my money, I was pulled back into EverQuest again. I took a 2 month break from the “progression” server took a few turns for the worse. Daybreak botched the whole poll and actual “progression” part when they basically pushed Kunark out the door right away despite being voted against by the majority. They also straight up BS’d the whole “We can’t change pets” then went and changed pets while leaving much of the other “We can’t change” things alone.

Now they’re back to a 6 month cycle again — for who knows how long — and apparently they’re thinking about bringing in a new server type. At the end of July, Daybreak’s producer letter stated they were looking into doing a server where multiboxing on one computer would be blocked. That’s music to my ears. Count me in! Supposedly it’s slated for sometime in December or “Winter” or something horribly vague, but I can enjoy Ragefire until that happens — if it does.

I was pulled back in to play Iksars with my friend, Damage. He is playing an Iksar Shaman and I am going for a Monk once again. I was luckily able to toss a few plat over thanks to the shared bank, and right now I’m enjoying being an absolute beast with a smoldering brand and a mudman enforcer. I’m also sporting a full set of Wu’s armor which is incredible.

So while I’m giving Daybreak my money, and hating myself for it, I simply love EverQuest too much. Already, in only a few hours back, I am enjoying myself. It’s just my go-to game. Anyone else still on Ragefire server?

Daybreak Does the Impossible

I’m a little grumbly tonight. Daybreak decided they could do what was originally deemed impossible because the TLP/TLE servers are pulling from the same code as the live servers: Nerf Mage pets.

View Upcoming Patch Notes

Their actions are incredibly suspect right now. When the server needed to sell subscriptions, Mage pets were overpowered and it was impossible. Works great if they want to sell 6 accounts to one person who runs a Mage army.

Now that they are past the point of needing to sell subscriptions all at once, and have entered the era of retention, they have to keep the largest number of players happy. The long-term players are settling in and want to do content. Now Mages are suddenly a threat to the ‘good of the many’ rather than representing ‘the many’ and are getting a nerf. Miraculously they suddenly know how.


So now this begs the question, can we have old Freeport and Monk H2H damaged fixed as well?