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Game Watch: Worms Reloaded and Elemental War of Magic

We have two great games for you in this edition of Game Watch.  Game Watch is our segment where we look into the near future for titles worth playing.  Not just any titles though.  These are games you may not have heard of or simply haven’t been following as much as we think you should.

(PC STEAM) (August 26)
Worms games are always awesome. It feels like forever since the last one and this time it’s coming to PC through Steam. Worms Reloaded is designed specifically for the PC with PC controls and it gets all the Steamworks goodies.

The basic premise of the game is that you have a team of worms and you have to kill the enemy’s worms. You do so by taking turns using all kinds of weapons and gear while trying to get the upper hand on the map. You’ll get an idea of the gameplay from the video.

Worms Reloaded is bringing back a lot of the best gadgets (like the Super Rope) and introducing several new ones as well. It’s coming with a landscape creation tool so that you can create your own levels as well as 4 player multiplayer and a singleplayer.

It’s the type of game you’ll be able to pick up and enjoy for 10 minutes or 10 hours that never gets old. Steam integration is the real gem here since you’ll be able to get groups of friends playing together in seconds.

(PC) (August 24)
From the creators Publishers of Sins of a Solar Empire comes what we’re hoping is an equally deep and imaginative strategy game. This time the setting is a medieval fantasy world.

There’s really no better explanation than the official site’s:

“Players found new cities, research new technologies, study spells, build a family dynasty, engage in diplomacy, fight wars, go on quests and much more as they strive to overcome all enemies and dominate the world.”

It looks to be one of those great empire builders where you start off with a few workers and a basic civilization and have to gather your resources, establish your dynasty, and conquer the world. Creating and customizing your own troops, playing with up to 16 players, going on quests, killing special monsters, creating your own worlds, and an overall “more than 4x” experience make this one to watch.

Weekend of Gaming: Renovations

Last week’s Weekend of Gaming was neglected as Saturday was spent from dawn until dusk cleaning out the garage preparing for it to be finished off with drywall and paint. With that project out of the way, will there be any time to game this weekend? We hope so because we definitely have plans.

I’ll be playing the ‘prepare the house to be painted’ game. We just had crown molding and new baseboards installed throughout the house this past week. Next step is to move more things towards the center of each room. It should look really nice but it’s been a real challenge to do all of this house work while taking care of a new puppy, watching our older (and blind) dog. Add in that I’m leaving for school in less than two weeks and this has been the busiest summer in years. But that’s enough of RL.

My gaming will be sporadic, but I have some important plans. I want to finish up KotOR which has been dragging along for me. For the first time… maybe in 5 or 6 years… I have a backlog. I have Kotor, Bioshock, Overlord 1 and 2, and three or four console games to finish. I may dabble in Overlord, if anything. I’ll also get in a few SC2 matches here and there. I’m ranked 4th in my 2v2 random team Gold League division. I went on a 6 game winning streak but the strategy only works if I have a teammate who can hold his own. And, of course, WoW (which is hard to log into for only short bursts of time so I usually check auctions and say hey to guildies before having to log.)

Perhaps the most interesting game will be FFXIV Beta. Let me just say that playing in short bursts is not any way to have fun in this game. More to come on FFXIV after the weekend.

I’m checking out stuff on my iPad mostly. Chaos Rings is a Square-Enix RPG (available on iPhone and iPad that I know of) that I’m an hour and a half into and enjoying. Plants vs. Zombies might get played. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (XBLA) is also on the list and worth checking out for those interested in yet another good XBLA game. I might get some Mass Effect 2 in if time. I’ve been playing a lot of Monday Night Combat and will definitely play more this weekend too.

We’re settling into a ‘New MMO’ Slump

In the comments of yesterday’s entry I was asked whether or not I play MMO’s anymore because I have not been talking about or reviewing them (other than WoW).   My answer to that question is definitely a discussion starter.

What MMO’s have come out or are coming out, which I haven’t already commented on, that are worth playing?  That’s the answer and the topic of today’s post.   Simply put, I don’t feel that there are any MMO’s right now or in the near future.

Here’s a list of the MMO’s coming out that I am interested in and plan to play and write about.

Guild Wars 2
Rift: Planes of Telara

These are all games on the horizon… and the horizon is really, really far away. We may see FFXIV this year — maybe — but the rest I’m expecting early next year or even 2012.

We’re definitely in a new MMO slump. There are currently a few games that people are hanging onto, but nothing exploding with genuine mass appeal. For me it’s WoW. Why? It’s a polished game capable of providing a reliable gaming experience and I know what to expect. The population is there, the content is there, the expansion is coming soon, and the game isn’t suddenly going to fizzle out.

I saw this coming, as did many of you. MMO’s these days are lasting, on average, 3 months before the new MMO smell wears off and reality sets in. A mass exodus ensues and we move on. That’s not the player’s fault — that’s a problem with the games. The causes and how to fix it are a discussion for another time.

Until the MMO slump is over, I’m really not going to be hyping anything or writing a lot about these games until we know more. Occasionally I’ll write a responsive piece but, taking Guild Wars for example, there’s not much to say about one of the classes being revealed.

What I do want to discuss though are general MMO subjects. I want to revisit topics about the type of MMO that I want designed as well as current popular and unpopular mechanics.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything on my list. If you want to know why I’m not playing X or why Y isn’t on my list then ask away and I’ll tell you straight up.

Weekend of Gaming: StarCraft 2 Edition

To add a bit more discussion to our weekends we’ve decided to start a new segment on the blog that will run every Saturday morning called Keen and Graev’s  ‘Weekend of Gaming’. We’ll tell you what we’re playing or doing that’s gaming related.  We hope that you’ll find it interesting, perhaps informative, and want to share what you’re playing with us.


This weekend is packed full of great games.  My first priority is to finish up my StarCraft 2 Campaign.  I’ve already begun to play some multiplayer matches and I can’t wait until I can start working on a solid win ratio to unlock some portraits.  The campaign is full of replayability which only makes my desire to finish it stronger so that I can start again.  There are parts in the campaign where you have to make choices about actions you take and these choices change how missions play.  Great stuff.

I’ll also be playing Mount & Blade.  This game has really taken me by surprise.  I ended up playing for something like five hours yesterday.  I love medieval combat (I’m one of those guys who would dress up like a Knight and go to renaissance fairs if I had the time) and being able to play out giant battles is something currently unavailable in any other game out there.

To round off a nice weekend of gaming I’ll be playing World of WarCraft.  My Paladin is floating around 4900gs and I can get him a few easy upgrades.  This week’s raid is Marrowgar, which is tough since that’s ICC.  Our guild is going to try an ICC 10 alt run which should give me plenty of opportunity.  If I can find any time at all to squeeze in a 25-ICC then I’ll take my druid for the badges and perhaps a few upgrades.  Since the Lich King was slain by my guild there really isn’t this huge drive to get better gear.  I just like having fun and enjoying the content.


I beat the campaign for StarCraft 2 already.  I liked it a lot and decided to go back through and play again.  I’m not playing on Hard Mode this time because I’m just going back through to get all the achievements.  Once I get the achievements then I’ll move up.

I’ll also be playing some multiplayer as well.

Other than StarCraft 2 there’s Mount & Blade and Hydro Thunder Hurricane.  Hydro Thunder is a game we mentioned in our Game Watch this month.  It’s a kick back to the old Hydro Thunder arcade games and it’s really worth the value on XBLA.

This summer is turning out to be a great one.  We’re already looking at a summer poised to be the first without a slump in three years and there’s still a few months of game releases ahead of us.   Tell us what you’re playing this weekend or planning to play this summer.

Who had the best E3: Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony?

In our usual style we provided commentary on all three (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) E3 presentations and we’ve come to the conclusion that there wasn’t even a real need to scrutinize the details or lay anything out because there was a very clear winner: Nintendo.  It wasn’t even close this year as Microsoft’s Kinect tunnel vision led to a clear ‘dis-Kinect’ from the core gamer audience and Sony failed to deliver much of anything new or exclusive.

Nintendo brought it in a big way with exclusive after exclusive and one surprise after another.  They didn’t lose sight of what mattered most (the games) while trying to impress us with their new technology.  While they turned to the Nintendo 3DS towards the end, 3/4 of the presentation was all about the games with actual in-game footage being played.  Here’s a quick look at our favorites from Nintendo’s Presentation:

The presentation for ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ suffered from technical difficulties, but kudos to them for actually playing their games in front of us.  Since Twilight Princess first debuted on the Wii there has been a real necessity to raise the ante for what Zelda can bring to the Wii.  Twilight Princess suffered because it was a mirror from Gamecube as a launch title.  In the presentation we saw a great colorful world and some of what Nintendo intends to do with the motion controls.

Out of nowhere, ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’ has been heralded as perhaps the greatest announcement at E3 — even from the Sony fanboys.  As soon as the music began playing we were out of our seats cheering.  They’re sticking to what worked like they always do.  Nintendo finds a recipe for success and makes good games and even when going back and bringing classics to the current generation.

Epic Mickey represents the perfect game that we like to play.  It’s a platformer with a great story, familiar characters, a rush of nostalgia, and innovative gameplay.  The drawing and erasing and paint/paint thinner features allow players to shape the game to their playstyle.  Erasing characters from existence, choosing to fight or befriend, erasing walls, and manipulating the adventure with tangible results all in a Disney (an atmosphere that has proven to be great in games like Kingdom Hearts) is like sensory overload.  Then there’s the sidescrolling adventure where it becomes a cartoon with depth to top off what was already looking like a game moving to the top of our list.

Kirby hasn’t had a game in forever!  It wasn’t what we had expected when Reggie announced that Kirby was returning as the star in his own game.  We immediately thought something like Epic Mickey or maybe Donkey Kong.  It’s actually a little weird at first glance but the more we see the more it’s clear that the ‘weirdness’ surrounding Yarn is dismissed when it segues into neat gameplay.

Nintendo 3DS blows Sony’s ‘Move’ and Microsoft’s ‘Kinect’ away.  3D gaming without the need for glasses and no silly gimmicks of motion control make it almost too good to be true.  If not for the continued coverage from the press with people sharing their opinions about how this thing is actually legit then we would have a hard time believing it was real.  Nintendo is getting backed by just about every developer out there wanting to bring their games to the 3DS.

Even after the presentation, the 3DS continues to trump the competition as news leaks came out during Sony’s about Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 remakes for the 3DS.   Nintendo has basically rendered 3D televisions useless.  It’s not going to be long now before this technology hits mainstream computer screens.  This rush that Sony has made towards 3D televisions being the future of gaming has been embarrassed by Nintendo taking a giant step forward right in front of them.

Nintendo really did bring out the buffet this E3 and there is something for everyone.  Heck, we want it all.  Do you agree/disagree?  Which company do you think had the best E3 and why?