How to tame N.U.T.Z. the Mechanical Squirrel in WoW

Nutz the mechanical squirrel in WoW

Taming N.U.T.Z. the Mechanical Squirrel in WoW is really easy. I decided to create a quick guide to help my fellow hunters.

Step 1: Head to Azshara

Step 2: Enter the building in the NE and click on ‘An Intern’s Journal’

Step 3: Click on the Thorium Manifold Lever

Step 4: Click on Antimatter Storage Energizer

Step 5: Click on Flux Containment Release Lever

Step 6: Click Hydro-Sync Router

Step 7: Activate Aspect of the Turtle and Tame N.U.T.Z.

When taming N.U.T.Z. it’s important to remember that he will one-shot you. That’s why you should activate Aspect of the Turtle which acts like the old deterrence ability.

I hope my fellow hunters find this guide useful! If you’re looking to tame Friender or other Mechical pets, check out my other Mechanical Pet Taming Guide.


Raiding has become way too complicated

Old SChool Onyxia Raid

Running older WoW raids for transmogs these past few days has reminded me about how raiding has changed so much over the years. Raiding back in the days of Molten Core was so much simpler.

Molten Core fights were almost entirely gear checks and “can you perform this one simple mechanic” checks. For example, the very first MC boss simply required your healers to decurse. The second boss required nothing more than coordinated timing.

I enjoy the simplicity of old school Onyxia. She breathes fire like any dragon would, so avoid her face. Her tail is huge and can whip you, so avoid her tail. Attack where the dragon is weak behind her flanks. AOE whelp adds.

Modern raid are so beyond convoluted by comparison. We’re dancing around the room, juggling adds, dodging aoe attacks, standing in stuff that looks bad but is actually good if the boss is doing x y or z.

While the mechanics are more interesting in some aspects, the complexity has eclipsed the purity of the encounter. We no longer fight characteristics, we fight abilities. I miss looking at a boss. I feel like I stare at the floor or wherever it is I’m supposed to look to wait for some predetermined ability to dictate my actions.

Just the musings of an old school raider. But hey, I actually like tank and spank gear checks. I’m weird like that.

GW2 UI Mod for WoW

I’m usually not one for UI mods, but the GW2 UI Mod for WoW was good enough to convert me.

The GW2 WoW UI takes most of the Blizzard UI modules and makes them look like GW2’s interface. I’m particular to the center health globe with the split action bar as well as the simplicity of the target unit frame.

Depending on your class there are class-specific UI touches. The menu icons, minimap, and quest tracker are also nicely skinned.

All of the various modules can be turned on or off and moved. In terms of customization, it’s great.

If you’re like me and want a clean, minimalistic UI with all the functionality of the default WoW UI, then check out the GW2 UI Mod for WoW.

How to Tame Mechanical Pets in WoW Legion Pre-Patch

I’m going to show you how to tame Mechanical Pets in WoW during the Pre-patch!

Tekton the Mechanical Sheep – Elwyn Forest

Tekton the Mechanical Sheep Pet

Fly just northeast of Stormwind. Tekton is on a ledge near a house and a bunch of other sheep. Be sure to use a freeze trap to avoid being blown up!

Mechano-Strider & Haywire Battle Chicken – Loch Modan

mechano-strider and mechanical chicken pets in WoW

These two mechanical pets are found in a cave in the southeastern corner of Loch Modan. You can also find Optimo, but he’s a rare spawn.

Friender the Mechanical Wolf – Gnomeregan

Friender the Mechanical Wolf pet in WoW

Friender is by far the most fun to find! You’ll have to go into Gnomeregan and make your way to the Engineering Labs. Then it’s just a matter of activating all of the buttons until they light up. Simply find the pattern of which lights turn on and off when you press certain buttons to solve the puzzles. You can’t mess this up, so feel free to trial and error your way through.

Once Friender wakes up, wait for him to run close to you then pop Aspect of the Turtle and tame!

I hope my fellow hunters found this information useful. More to come! 🙂

Surviving the First Few Days as a Survival Hunter Pre-Legion

I’m having a lot of fun in WoW right now. I’m still in that “WTF is going on” phase where I’m still figuring out tradeskills, my spec, my gear, etc.

Survival Hunter Spec in Legion

My spec is Survival, which has the toughest rotation I can remember playing in WoW. Bear tanking in WotLK was all swipes. Mage play in Cataclysm was nuke nuke dump. Shaman healing in Pandaria was literally casting the same 3 spells depending on how badly someone needed a heal. Survival Hunter is all about using cooldowns at opportune times and building stacks using abilities that increase my ability to use stacks.

WoW Survival Hunter Talents for Legion

I’m both excited about playing something that’s challenging, and apprehensive about actually being able to do it.

I plan to provide as much useful WoW Hunter content as I can. I’d like to get back to the point where I’m actively contributing useful information, insight, and critiques for a class in a MMO. The launch of a new expansion to WoW could be a good opportunity for that.

Working on my Tradeskills for Legion

Engineering is awesome. I made a Gnomish Gravity Well. I can basically send myself up really high into the air with it, then use my Goblin Hanglider that I made to fly around. That’s going to be an awesome combo for Legion where I won’t have flying for a really long time.

KGC Guild is Up

We formed a guild (KGC) on Fenris, Alliance. We decided it would be nice to have a guild vs. being in someone else’s, and we’ll run the 5-man Mythic Dungeons which will get us gear that rival raiding until the highest tiers — which we will farm later.

If you want to join us for Legion, give me a shout. Alternatively you can join us on Discord where we have an active server with 6-10 people on nightly. We chat about WoW, form groups, and just have fun. It’s a great community.