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3DS Stuff: What I’m playing and anticipated games


I like the 3DS a lot. It’s  my favorite gaming device at the moment and probably has been for a while. Just recently I got a new special edition Yoshi 3DS XL and I love everything about it. Yoshi has always been one of my favorite characters in the Mario Universe, along with Bowser, so I was pretty excited to see the system announced around the time Yoshi’s NEW Island came out.

Plus, green is my favorite color so that’s a great bonus. That may sound curious since my Graev character has always worn a purple shirt but here is a fun fact: When the characters where originally conceived they were just made up, not based off us, and I had the dark hair, green shirt guy in mind. When I showed them to Keen he pointed to said character and said something like “Oh cool, that must be me!” and I was stuck with the the dumpy blond guy with the purple shirt. I’m not even sure I’ve mentioned that to Keen.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Stuff I’m Playing

Right now I’m actually working through Yoshi’s NEW Island and I will be doing a full write up on that soonish. Other than that I’m bouncing around in:

INAZUMA ELEVEN – A long time ago I heard about a game series that was like an RPG that played out in a soccer (football) game. I believe the games eventually made their way to Europe but they were never released in North America until recently. It was actually right after one of Nintendo’s more recent DIRECT broadcasts that they put the first game up on the eShop. I decided to give it a try since I heard a lot of good things about the game. The premise of the game is that you are a member of a soccer club at a school and you are trying to get your club up and running and your team put together.

The actual matches are played out in somewhat of a real-time strategy format. You have to use the touch screen to draw paths for your players to take and tap to have them pass or kick. It plays a lot like Blitzball from FFX, actually. When you come into contact with other players the game pauses you are given a choice of what to do to try and maintain, steal, or score a goal. Depending on your stats and who you are up against you will get different odds of success. Your players also get special abilities like powerful goal shots or ways to block shots if they are the goalie. If it sounds like I know nothing about soccer then you would be right, but I still find the game very enjoyable.

POKEMON BATTLE TROZEI – This one actually just hit the eShop today and I haven’t had a lot of time to check it out. Still, I love almost all things Pokemon and puzzle games.

Anticipated Games

There’s some good stuff on the horizon for the 3DS. There are some of the things I’m particularly looking forward to in the coming months.

disney-magical-world-3dsDISNEY MAGICAL WORLD – A while back I heard about a pretty popular game in Japan that was pretty much a Disney version of Animal Crossing. The idea sounded incredibly awesome but I didn’t really have much hope that it would get localized. Fortunately several months later I saw that Disney Magical World was indeed getting a North American release so I’m really excited to check this out out.

KIRBY: TRIPLE DELUXE – I’ve been playing Kirby games since the first one showed up on the old brick Game Boy. What’s also cool about Kirby games is how you almost always get more than just one game in them. This particular copy has, aside from the side scrolling game main game, has a Smash Bros. style Kirby Fighter game along with a DeDeDe Drum Dash rhythm game. Sounds pretty cool to me.

MARIO GOLF: WORLD TOUR – This will be my first Mario Golf game. Not sure why I never gave the series a chance but I figure I would try it out, especially after I heard that a lot of previous entries made by Camelot featured some really cool RPG elements. I’m not sure if anything like that will exist in this iteration but I imagine it will at least be as enjoyable as Mario Tennis was.

Other Stuff

I’ve noticed that my 3DS is getting a lot of use lately while still playing a ton of Dark Souls 2. Any time I’m waiting to be summoned I will open it up and start playing. Just figured I’d share that.

Also, I passed on my old XL system to Keen so hopefully that will get him more interested in playing some of his 3DS games. He still hasn’t finished Pokemon Y but I think I might get him to start over with me. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I recently picked up a 3DS, really enjoying it. Once upon a time I had a DS lite and sold it. I’ve always regretted that decision and have been anxious to get back into the DS world. It’s a little overwhelming as there are so many great games out there already. Not to mention the incredible DS library. Right now I’m working through Pokemon Y and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Like reading all your 3DS posts! Helped push me into buying one in the first place.

  2. TheRedComet says:

    I’m still loving my Zelda XL, I’ve been playing Bravely Default when I can (when the wife isn’t addicted to it) and other than that I am playing a lot of Pokemon. I’ve owned X for awhile, but I just got a downloadable copy of Y through the Club Nintendo promotion for free. So I’ve been doing a lot of Nuzlocke challenges on my copy of Y, and it’s got me all sorts of addicted to Pokemon again. I’ve been emulating older Pokemon games too for Nuzlockes as well. The extra challenge really breathes fresh life in to the games. Also been playing Etrian Odyssey 4, which is crazy addicting, and still working through A Link Between Worlds. Really spreading my playtime out everywhere.

    There’s isn’t a ton of upcoming games I’m excited for for the 3DS. I’m not even sure what’s around the corner. Just been playing a lot of older games.

  3. Hey Graev, Thanks for the posts about the 3DS. I just got one and I have been looking for ideas of what games to play.


  4. @Topauz

    I don’t know what kind of genre you like but these are the favorites in my collection in no particular order:

    - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    - LoZ: A Link Between Worlds
    - Super Mario 3D Land
    - Fire Emblem Awakening
    - Pokemon X/Y
    - Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    - Mario & Luigi Dream Team

    That’s pretty much just Nintendo stuff, though.