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I wanted to post something today but lost track of time and just ended up vegging out in front of the TV.  Graev and I went to play AoC this morning and the server came down ten minutes after we logged in.  Funcom’s announcement said the servers would be down for two hours.  Turns out Funcom is at least consistent and the downtime was continually extended until the servers had been down for over four hours.

What I had planned for today will have to wait until tomorrow.

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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  2. rogerik says:

    i expected this to happen all the down time and what not i soppose it will get better in a month or so the hole “rough seas ahead” thing on the aoc news in game

  3. rogerik says:

    yay it worked i guess three as somethign about damnation your blog doesnt like 🙁

  4. I really hate it!
    Not the downtime, every mmo needs this, no question, but what i really hate is, that they always shift this downtimes around 5 Minutes before.
    Some People are not that flexible with their time as Funcom is….

  5. Railtih says:

    What show hypnotized you?

  6. TroyTanning says:

    Why the hell doesn’t Funcom just OVER ESTIMATE the time that downtime takes. That seems better than always just depressing people. Simple psychology. But, what the hell do I know about psychology? Nothing, that’s what.

  7. rogerik says:

    lol btw i forgot i hate you keen give me stuff to read !

  8. Is there any chance funcom might reconsider their hyperrealistic approach on AoC’s graphics and make them something that’s not so terribly DULL?

    BTW, what do you guys think of Darkfall? Vaporware? Next UO? I’m kinda looking forward to playing that one now… :S That is, if WAR doesn’t come out first.

  9. rogerik says:

    o yer keen i think it was you are tempests any good thinking of rolling one for a alt ?

  10. There’s been way less downtime than I expected.

    I was lucky today, I came online just about 10 minutes before the servers did, so it worked out for me.

  11. In my book downtimes are Ok … it means they are working on things … frankly anyone that doesn’t want to deal with downtimes just evade the first month or the first couple of weeks in a MMO launch.

    No companies that I remember overestimated downtimes. I think in big part that is because the deadline is there for them also, so if they have a shorter deadline, they might finish it faster. That could be a case of simple psychology also – with long deadlines you remove part of the pressure, which means that there is a chance of being late even for the more liberal deadline.

  12. yep i am fine with it too the game is running prefect for me when its up i can deal with the downtimes for now

  13. wow pwns all ?

  14. dont think so first couple of months in WoW sucked

  15. aethelwyrd says:

    I joined WoW a couple months after launch and still had to wait it a que for two hours every single time I wanted to log on. And if I happened to get disconnected, two more hours.

  16. Humble Hobo says:

    Cosidering the sheer piles of cash WoW is sitting on, it took them a while to whittle down the down time. Today it’s much, much better, but it still seems a bit long. Expect the same kind of progress from AoC. No one should quit a game because of unexpected down time in the first week. Expect the unexpected.

    Blizzard updater sucks as well.

  17. Here’s something to occupy 5-10 minutes of your time: a new video of the Spore creature editor demo.